Sketched into life by two passionate friends, OBSIDIA COLLECTIVE began as a playful thought in between more playful conversations over coffee. One small talk made its way into many others, all the while ticking the hearts of the two even more. Calling Australia's melting pot of fashion a former home, the metropolis has left a deep lasting impression that infused a hint of that Melburnian chic into their aesthetics. Noticing a missing edge in the local Indonesian market, the two felt it was right to turn the thought into a venture  seeking to bring beautiful accents that matter into wardrobes all around.


OBSIDIA COLLECTIVE prides on delivering wearable fashion that pushes the boundaries of everyday wear. Drawing inspiration from the lavish details meticulously displayed on the runways of couturiers, OBSIDIA COLLECTIVE's collections are thoughtfully designed so they can have its spot in both elevated everyday styling and glam night outs. Tailored responsibly by local Indonesian seamsters, every piece in our collection is heartfully brought to life as the capstone to our creative process.


The name OBSIDIA itself  as the most tangible representation of our brand — originates from the word Obsidian, which is a volcanic glass known for its healing qualities. The essence of this derivation is once again displayed in OBSIDIA COLLECTIVE's logo that bears a negative space in its midsection: a core aim of bringing a renewed novelty into the gaps of current wardrobes. With this strong vision etched deeply into OBSIDIA COLLECTIVE's focus, the brand aims to deliver consistent collections that center around this and only this belief.

From the thirty-second floor of our rooms in Melbourne to café-hopping in Jakarta,

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